8 Big Reasons to Embrace WordPress for Your Websites

WordPress was originally conceived as a content management system specifically made for blogs. Over the years WordPress has graduated into a wholesome content management system in the same league as Drupal and Joomla. The rise of WordPress over its nearest rivaling content management system software can be attributed to its ease of use and an excellent community of users who provide support for new users and the inexperienced. It is estimated that at least a third of all content management system users depend on WordPress to maintain their website.

Many years before the advent of content management systems, website owners depended on hand coding for every page of their websites by using HTML. It also meant that website managers had to learn HTML thoroughly, leaving little time to plan the content itself. WordPress takes the tediousness out of maintaining websites, because, they are able to automatically generate the source codes required by browsers. However, some knowledge of HTML will help web managers though.

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