Introduction to PHP & MySQL Web Development

PHP is the super quick, feature-rich open source scripting language that is used to develop web based applications. MySQL is the powerful open source database server that has all the required features to handle a large concurrent database connection. It is based on relational database management system (RDBMS). PHP and MySQL put together are excellent development tools which can be used to create web applications with simple usability, high speed, scalability and power. By combining PHP with MySQL it becomes a cross-platform which can be developed on Windows and used on a Unix platform.

Web Applications

Web apps is something that has taken the virtual world by storm and every single user of the internet or the cloud is going crazy about the enormous variety of apps that are surfacing in the market every day. In other words, web applications are computer software applications which are coded in a browser supported programming language like Java script which is combined along with HTML making the application reliant on a web browser and in turn ensuring that the application is executable.

Going by the official definition in the computing jargon, a web based application can be any application that requires a web browser as a client. This term may also mean a computer based software application coded in a programming language such as JavaScript combined with any browser rendered markup language such as HTML and reliant on a common web browser. All the three are extremely essential to render these applications executable. Web applications have become extremely popular in the recent times solely due to the ubiquity of web browsers and of course the convenience of using a website browser as a client, referred to as a thin client.

10 Advantages of Prestashop eCommerce System

Although there are tons and tons of eCommerce platforms available in the market, Prestashop is one of the rapidly growing platforms. Founded in the year 2007 in Paris, France, it now aspires to provide the very best open source eCommerce solutions to countless number of business owners all over the world. It is one of the newest robust, professional grade eCommerce shopping carts which is absolutely free and can be downloaded and installed. A full featured beck end is required to manage the inventory, orders, shipping and customers in real time. Using the latest security technology, your customer’s payments will be directly transferred to your commercial bank account. All the features Prestashop comes with are very impressive and any search on it is relatively faster than Magento.

The various benefits of WordPress

Websites are the most powerful tool in the digital world we live in. There are several advantages of having your own website. People from all over the world can come to know about you and what service you provide. Sometimes the service need not be a materialistic thing but can also be write ups and other resources related. If it is a shop, the website itself can be used as a medium to do business. Whatever it is, the fastest way to get people to you is through websites.

WordPress is software used in websites to make the most out of a normal website. The wordpress is independent of the service provider and can be used along any website. There are several advantages of using wordpress software for creating a website. First, it is so easy to create a website using wordpress. Unlike other web designing software, wordpress allows a person to build a website without any hassle. The themes available are basic though which can be developed more professionally by web designers who will customize the design and functionality of the website created using wordpress.