HTTPS is important for SEO

Why HTTPS is important for website?

Let us see how HTTPS is important for website?

Few years ago, most of the website will start with HTTP:// HTTP is a system for transmitting and receiving information across the Internet. In current internet world its import to secure your data and user communication.

The ‘s’ at the end of the ‘http’ part of a URL means the website is secure. HTTPS, or ‘secure http’ allow authorization and secured transactions.
Secure websites can protect your user’s connection by securing information in three layers:
  • Encryption ensures that a user’s activity cannot be tracked or their information stolen
  • Data integrity prevents files from being corrupt as they’re transferred
  • And authentication protects against attacks and builds user trust
So it give your website users more trust to believe your website.
HTTPS is important for website not only to secure but also to boost your search engine rankings.

How HTTPS affect search engine rankings?

Google wants to make internet safer and secure and in past several year it gives important to secure sites in its ranking.
Why HTTPS is important

SEO Advantages of Switching to HTTPS

It is clear that HTTPS offers security, so it is definitely the choice to put you in Google’s good graces. There are also some additional SEO benefits for you to consider.

Here’s why you should use https for your entire site:

  1. It may increase your rankings.
  2. It preserves referrer data
  3. It’s more secure and more private
Here’s a visual for some quick facts about secure sites
HTTPS Impact for SEO
Google also helped users understand that HTTP sites are not secure by gradually marking a larger subset of HTTP pages as “not secure”. Beginning in July 2018 with the release of Chrome 68, Chrome will mark all HTTP sites as “not secure”.
So its time for you to move your website from HTTP to HTTPS and gain your users trust.

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